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Diego Gonzalez – Bakersfield, CA

  • Occupation: Law Enforcement
  • Diego has been operating our top performing franchise operation located in Bakersfield, CA. Since joining Local Door Coupons in November 2016, Diego has ran multiple campaigns, broken profitability benchmarks, and generated a full return on his initial investment. In addition to operating our Bakersfield franchise, he also supports Local Door Coupons in offering training and mentoring to new franchisees on the West cost!

Chris Mckeehan – Palmdale, CA

  • Occupation:
  • Chris Mckeehan operates our Palmdale operation where he manages five campaign areas. Chris has been instrumental in bringing on board new clients and launching a new tiered distribution model in the Techachapi area in California. As a result of his efforts, we anticpate bringing Local Door Coupon’s advertising and marketing benefits to more remote regions of the United States.

Andrew Hillabrand – Toledo, OH

  • Occupation: Real Estate
  • As previous users of direct mail campaigns to advertise their real estate services, Andrew and his partner immediately understood the benefit of an effective marketing service tailored to draw awareness and demand within hyperlocal community. Today, they have ran multiple campaigns and developed a clientele that is both familiar and trusting of Local Door Coupon’s service and expertise.

Bobby Del Real & Hugo Chavez – Covina, CA

  • Occupation: Real Estate
  • Bobby and Hugo are trusted real estate experts in the city of Covina. Purchasing a Local Door Coupons franchise was a great opportunity to leverage their personal network of neighborhood clients to bring new benefits to the the businesses and community in Covina. What’s particularly impressive is that Bobby and Hugo were able to sell out their first campaign in record time and without having completed their onsite training.

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