How it Works?

Our goal is to deliver a cost effective and disruptive advertising and marketing service to local and small businesses. To achieve this, our value proposition focuses on delivering key advantages to our business owners:

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Hit the Ground Running

In our model, we believe we have an equal amount of skin in the game when it comes to our franchisee’s success. It is important we do our part to set them them up for success.

To help our franchisees ramp up quickly and effective, we have created a training program that is comprehensive in providing, both, classroom and on-site training.

Instructor-Led Training

  • Operation – How to manage your business
  • Sales – How to convey the value of our brand and service
  • Role-playing – Deliver the Local Door Coupons message with conviction

On-Site Training

  • Shadowing
  • Building and nurturing customer relationships
  • Leverage testimonials from existing customers


Tried and true methodologies and expert operational support

Local Door Coupons has been able to scale beyond our initial campaign areas in Miami, FL, to multiple regions across the country due to the opportunity our organization provides entrepreneurs in being able to launch a low risk business. We don’t believe that the franchisee should assume all the risk.

Local Door Coupons provides our franchisees with:

  • Post-sales support
  • Marketing support
  • Graphic Design
  • Printing

In short, we have an equal amount of skin in the game when it comes to your success. For this reason, we designed a system that allows our franchises to be operated in a simple and cost-efficient manner.


Success is a direct result of vision and action.

We provide you with a profitable system with proven track record, but we depend on driven and ambitious entrepreneurs to help us deliver on our commitments to our local business customers and to the community.

Our franchisees are a direct representation of our brand and service and, as such, we expect them to be able to convey our value proposition with a high level of conviction.

The main responsibilities for a Local Door Coupons franchisee are:

  • Profitability requires more than just collecting payments. It involves building and nurturing relationships with local businesses.
  • Managing distribution demands certain operations acumen and good attention to detail. This is our single most important responsibility as it is the portion that delivers on our commitment. We encourage transparency and open lines of communications between franchisees and customers to develop a mutually beneficial relationship encompassing the value of our motto: We Grow Local!

Investment Requirements

Low Startup Cost. Low Overhead. Work from Home.

Type of Expenditure Amount (Low High Range)
Initial Franchise Fee* (Financing Available) $24,900
Utility Fees, Real Estate Lease & Utility Deposit $0 - $2,000
Equipment, Furniture, Decor & Signage $600 - $2,200
Computer System $500 - $1,000
Training Expenses $1,500 - $3,500
Grand Opening Advertising* $1,500
Licenses & Permits $0 - $500
Insurance $100 - $300
Additional Funds $3,000 - $5,000
Total $29,000 - $40,900
* Required

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